CECS hosted a seminar on Research-Action methodologies

Researchers from different scientific areas, within the University of Minho and other schools in Portuguese speaking countries (Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique and Timor), were gathered on last 9th May 2017, in the Social Sciences Institute in the UM, to discuss Research-Action methodologies, focusing on Ethics, participation and knowledge democratization. This event “Quality in the Research-Action methodologies” was intended to promote the collaboration between CARN (Collaborative Action Research Network) and Estreiadiálogos (Lusophone Network of Research-Action methodologies), to expand the potential of this scientific area.

Researchers were also keen to prepare the participation of Estreiadiálogos in the 1st Assembly of the group, to be held on 16th June 2017, in Cartagena, Colombia, subject to the title “Participation and Democratization of Knowledge: New Convergences towards Reconciliation”. CECS researcher Ana Maria Silva, as secretary of Estreiadiálogos, will be participating in the event.

This seminar was a joint collaboration of Estreiadiálogos, CARN and CECS.

Text: Ana Maria Silva and Fábio Ribeiro
Photos: Fábio Ribeiro