CECS presents think tank on World Press Freedom Day

The CECS presents this Thursday, May 3, the think tank, Communitas, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day.

The event will take place in a debate at ICS, starting at 5:00 p.m., with the presence of Paulo Brandão, programmer of Theatro Circo, Jean Martin Rabot, professor of Sociology at the University of Minho, and Joaquim Fidalgo, professor of Journalism at the University of Minho and member of the founding team of the newspaper Público.

In line with the spirit of openness of knowledge produced at the university to the community, which gives substance to the idea of this new project of CECS, the debate also has an online expression in the page of the think tank and it will receive comments and opinions until the end of the month of May. It can be accessed here.