CECS at the opening and closing of the Luso-Galician cinema cycle

Carla Cerqueira and Isabel Macedo, both CECS researchers, participate in the Luso-Galician cinema cycle, which runs from May 3 to 17, at Braga Shopping Center.

The cycle aims to promote cultural exchange between Galicia and northern Portugal, establishing links between both realities. To this end, the organization focuses on issues such as cross-cutting themes, current affairs and social concern, through discussion of issues such as the situation of women, violence and empowerment of rural societies and their relationship to heritage.

Carla Cerqueira will participate in the first session, on May 3, whose theme is dedicated to women and Isabel Macedo will be present at the last session, on May 17, whose theme is society.

The inaugural session counts with the intervention of UMinho’s dean, Rui Vieira de Castro.

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