CECS participates in a study on the effects of the state of emergency on journalism

How has the Declaration of the State of Emergency for six consecutive weeks affected the employment situation of journalists in Portugal? This is the main question that motivates the study “Effects of the State of Emergency on Journalism”, addressed to 7,297 holders of the professional title of journalist in Portugal.

Based on the application of a survey, this paper aims to learn about the socio-professional conditions of journalists, analyze the effects of the Declaration of the State of Emergency on the employment situation of journalism and gather information on the perceptions of professionals regarding sensitive ethical-deontological issues. The final objective of the study aims to gather a contribution to the definition of public intervention policies and strategies, both in matters of a labor nature and for the promotion of quality information.

The questionnaire was developed on the LimeSurvey platform – an account based on the dedicated CECS server – in an initiative that joins CECS to the Professional Journalist Committee, the Union of Journalists, Sopcom and researchers from CEIS20, from the University of Coimbra, and the ICS and CAPP of the University of Lisbon. The results of the study are expected to be known by the end of June.

[Posted: 25-05-2020]