CECS participates in the 2nd edition of the UMinho Scientific Research Initiation Prize

Last 12 November, the projects developed under the UMinho Award for Initiation in Scientific Research – 2021 were presented. CECS was represented by two projects.

Diana Patrícia Oliveira, a second-year Sociology student, delivered the results of her research project “Family Businesses: (Di)visions on new forms of work and family post-Covid19”. Ana Paula Marques coordinated the project.

Lara Campinho, also a Sociology student, participated for the second time in this UMinho initiative. This year, Lara Campinho exhibited a poster based on the work developed in the project: “Young people and the History: Images and narratives of interculturality in Portuguese and Mozambican textbooks”, coordinated by Moisés de Lemos Martins.

[Posted: 12-11-2021]