CECS in the Feira do Livro de Braga’2019

The Communication and Society Research Centre will be present at the Feira do Livro de Braga’2019 with the participation of two round tables, thought out of two intervention platforms of the centre: the Virtual Museum of Lusophony and Communitas.

On July 4, at 6:30 p.m., Vítor de Sousa, Isabel Macedo, Pedro Rodrigues Costa and Fernando Lopes will discuss the potential of the Virtual Museum of Lusophony and (re)construction of collective memory.

The Virtual Museum of Lusophony is a platform for academic cooperation in science, teaching and arts in the Portuguese-speaking countries and their diasporas, which extends to Galicia and Macau. It integrates universities, with research projects and post-graduate teaching in the area of ​​Communication Sciences and Cultural Studies, cultural and artistic associations, in the construction and deepening of a Portuguese-speaking community. It intends to be a mechanism that invites the active participation of citizens, making records available, commenting on ‘works’ preserved in the museum, (re)building a collective memory.

On July 8, at 6:30 p.m., the Communitas think tank is the bases of a round table on Science and Participation. In this session will be present the researchers Emília Araújo, Anabela Carvalho, Susana Silva and Susana de Noronha.

Communitas is a platform for open debate to the community, which promotes discussions on themes that intersect with the rhythms of social and political agendas.

The Book Fair will also feature the presentation of the latest book by the CECS researcher, Felisbela Lopes: Marcelo, Presidente Todos os Dias.

The program of the Book Fair of Braga’2019 is available here.

[Posted: 28-06-2019]