CECS receives FCT evaluation panel

On May 2 morning, the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) evaluation panel visited the Communication and Society Research Centre. The team of panelists from the Social Sciences – Sciences of Communication panel was composed of Nathalie Fenton (Goldsmith University of London), Barbie Zelizer (University of Pennsylvania), Greg Elmer (Ryerson University of Toronto), Paula Chakravartty (New York University) and Sarah Banet-Weiser (London School of Economics and Political Science).

Journalism, cultural policies, media industries, narratives and identities, collective memory, new media platforms, and gender issues are some of the research topics common to CECS and panel members.

During a visit that did not exceed three hours, the CECS directive board presented this research centre through its four lines of action: Intervention, Research, Publication, and Education.

Moisés Martins and Helena Sousa spoke about the strategic project of the CECS, which comprises two observatories – MILObs and POLObs -, two cultural platforms – Passeio and Museu Virtual da Lusofonia – and the think tank, Communitas. They also presented the 37 research projects developed during the evaluation period, which runs from 2013 to 2018. The overall funding of the CECS for this period amounts to EUR 2 824 000.

The CECS has also opted for a Publication policy that includes two bilingual scientific journals (in Portuguese and English), several dozen edited books and an extensive collection of open access publications in the RepositóriUM of the University of Minho. With regard to the Education, the directive board of the centre gave an account of the postgraduate teaching that includes the masters and doctorates in which the CECS’researchers are involved.

During the visit of the evaluation panel to the Communication and Society Research Centre more than 70 researchers – including doctors and Ph.D. students – attended the various meetings held.

[Posted: 06-05-2019 | Foto: Alberto Sá]