CECS reinforces participation in IAMCR and sees honored researcher Helena Sousa

During the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) congress in Madrid (July 7-11), the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) saw its participation reinforced by the election of Sara Pereira to chair of the Media Education Research section and the continuation of Ana Melo as vice chair of the Participatory Communication Research section. Carla Cerqueira took the chair of the Research and Policy section of Global Alliance on Media and Gender. At the closing ceremony of the congress, Helena Sousa received the IAMCR Distinguished Contribution Award.


Helena Sousa honored

It was from IAMCR President, Janet Wasko, that Helena Sousa received the IAMCR Distinguished Contribution Award 2019 on 11 July. The CECS researcher was honored with this distinction, which celebrated her systematic and exceptional work for the development of knowledge and international research networks within the framework of the IAMCR. The name of Helena Sousa follows those of Robin Mansell (2017), Peggy Gray (2016) and Dipak De (2015), distinguished names in the history of the Association.
Helena Sousa researches in the fields of media regulation and communication policies, as well as the intersection of the political economy of communication with journalism and new media. She is the editor of the European Journal of Communication and full member of Euromedia Research Group. She participated for 10 years in the coordination (as chair and vice-chair) of the section of Political Economy of the IAMCR. She is a member of the Independent General Council of RTP – Rádio Televisão Portuguesa. She was president of the Institute of Social Sciences of UMinho from 2013 to 2019.


Two researchers in the Coordination of Sections

During the IAMCR’2019, Sara Pereira was elected chair of the Media Education Research section, with partners Ruchi Kher Jaggi, Michael Hoechsmann and Leena Ripatti-Torniaine. Sara Pereira hopes to “continue the work that has been done”, seeking to “develop and promote the dynamics of the group, inside and especially outside the IAMCR, giving it greater visibility”.
“It will be an honour to contribute to the diversity of MER Section, reinforcing the network of researchers that work in this field, from different parts of the world, and promoting better communication between them”. “It is also my expectation to strengthen collaborative work with other institutions and events, for example, joining the European Media Literacy Week, a new initiative initiated in 2019 by the European Commission, and also the Global Media and Information Literacy Week promoted by UNESCO” added Sara Pereira.
In the coordination of the section Participatory Communication Research, Ana Melo remains in the role of vice-chair. The researcher studies, among other subjects, the publicity, the strategic communication of the marks and the territory and the participation of the citizens in the media.


Carla Cerqueira elected chair of the Research and Policy section of GAMAG

During the IAMCR ‘2019 congress, the General Assembly of the Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG) was held. In this assembly, Carla Cerqueira was elected chair of the Research and Policy section.
According to the CECS researcher, this section seeks to “coordinate UNESCO publications in this specific field” of the media and gender. Carla Cerqueira also said that this section “is responsible for the review of the declaration of the Beijing platform for the media and gender area”, which constitutes a “great responsibility”.
Carla Sequeira, studies the relationship between gender and the media, social inequalities and communication within the framework of NGOs.

[Posted: 15-07-2019]