CECS will boost the digital space of the Cultural Recognition Museum

The ‘Dynamisation of the digital space of the Cultural Recognition Museum’, which is the result of a partnership between CECS and the Braga Integra project, which Braga Municipal Council is the financing entity, aims to create and make available an autonomous digital platform, the aggregation in this space of relevant information to the training of the migrant population and the active promotion of their inclusion in the host society and the production of multimedia content with narratives about individual paths of migrant citizens residing in Braga.

The planned activity assumes the possibility of using data from the work developed by the Braga Municipal Council within the scope of the ‘Braga-Integra’ project and, in close collaboration with the relevant departments, validate the production of the contents to be integrated into the platform.

The partnership provides, in addition to the development of some content, the creation of a website, tasks that will be coordinated by researchers Luís António Santos and Ana Maria Silva.