Call for Passeário

What is a city?

Objective: To draw an imaginary city in a participatory way, aiming at its materialization in interactive cartography.This Passeário is an ongoing project that seeks to explore and understand, both the city-territory and the imaginary city, contemplating different stops, including:

1. The first stop consists of recording the testimony of Passeio employees about their experiences, knowledge, and images associated with the idea of ​​the city. Each team member is invited to write a short text between 1500 and 2000 words that will be accompanied by references to:

a) A literary work/text;

b) A cinematographic work/film/documentary;

c) A sound piece.

Alternatively, the possibility of essentially visual production is admitted, even if accompanied by the same type of references listed above.

These records and references will be discussed at a meeting between Passeio’s employees and will constitute the components of a collective work in digital format that will be disseminated on the Passeio platform, in various modalities.


Submission of texts: June 30
Publication of the Platform Walk: September 28
Date: December 8

2. In a second stop, a cycle of thematic tours through the cities is foreseen, open to the community, during which the participants will make records of a different nature from their experiences.

The materials produced will be published as a collective work and disseminated on the platform.

[Posted: 28-04-2020]