[NEW DEADLINE] Call for papers for the VIII International Congress on Cultures

The VIII Congress on Cultures will take place at the University of Minho from December 5 to 7, 2022. The organising committee invites the scientific community of Social Sciences and Humanities, Arts and Letters to participate in this meeting that connects cultures and media to discuss contemporary resistance and transformation movements.

The concept of resistance is seen as a process that challenges power structures in various national contexts. Under a diversity of approaches, the aim is to promote a debate on cultural practices, interpreting them as critical, counter-hegemonic, ongoing working practices that allow for new cultural possibilities.

The debate on humans and culture has significantly changed the theoretical framework of the last decades. Humanity has become, totally and infinitely, mobilised in its practices by all kinds of information and communication technologies and emerging interaction models.

The VIII Congress on Cultures draws on the idea that we have to give space to the Cultures of Resistance, considering the technological conditions of our time. Photography, cinema, radio, video, television and, above all, digital technologies guide us like prostheses of emotion production, as machines that shape in us a crank-handled sensibility.

So what role has digital media played in the cultural resistance process? How have the movements for human rights, environmental protection, and the decolonisation of language, knowledge and thought developed in this context? What has been the role of counter-hegemonic cultural practices in transforming contemporary power relations?

From July 30 to September 30 October 15, the call for papers is open to contributions addressing critical and counter-hegemonic proposals of contemporary cultural practices, representing resistance and cultural, political and social transformation.

More information will soon be available at: https://culturas.cc/congresso2022/


[Posted: 18-07-2022]