Call for papers on “Digital Parenting: Media and New Parenting Practices”

The call for papers for the special issue of Journalism and Media is open until November 25. The publication on “Digital Parenting: Media and New Parenting Practices” will be edited by Sara Pereira and Sarah Pila.

This Special Issue aims to explore the practice of parenting in today’s media- and technology-saturated world. Parents must navigate a world of screens not only for themselves, but also for their children and families. How has media and technology influenced parenting stress (or success), especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic when many families were forced to stay at home for long periods of time? To what extent do parenting practices/mediation
around media and technology influence youths’ development? How has following influencers sharing their parenting journeys on social media changed today’s parents? Do technological interventions designed to improve child development outcomes fare any better than nothing at all?

We encourage authors to submit original research articles, case studies, reviews, theoretical and critical perspectives,
and viewpoint articles on new media and parenting, including:

  • Parent blogs
  • Parental mediation
  • Parenting media practices
  • Sharenting
  • Media and digital platforms (or environments)

Articles that address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion across parenting and media contexts are of particular interest.

More information is available here.

[Posted: 23-03-2022]