Call: “Feminine Post-memories. Voices and Experiences in the Grammar of the World”

The call for papers for the dossier “Feminine Post-memories. Voices and Experiences in the Grammar of the World”. This thematic issue of the exaequo journal is edited by Sheila Khan, Susana Pimenta and Sandra Sousa.

This thematic issue aims to understand, map and listen to the place of the feminine in human grammar. It seeks to analyse the immense universe of experiences, voices, narratives and paths, which fight, criticise and nurture sustainable futures based on a balanced dialogue between past and present (Butler, 2017; Davis, 2019; Roy, 2020; Morrison, 1993; Leggott, 2015; Schraut e Paletschek, 2008). As Margaretta Jolly demonstrates, “We inhabit a digital golden age of oral historical reception, giving hope for the future of feminist memory, where the archives of the past are not just opened but reimagined.” (2019: 249). In this sense, the theme of this thematic issue is to appeal to texts that focus not only on the issue of memory and the feminine but on the dialogue between post-memory and gender studies, asking who is responsible for post-memory in the feminine.

More information is available here.

[Posted: 18-10-2022]