CFP for the e-book “Publi-cidade e comunicação visual urbana” due on 30th July

It is now open the call for papers for the upcoming e-book “Publi-cidade e comunicação visual urbana” [Advertisement and the city: urban visual communication], due on 30th July 2017, by the Advertisement Working Group of Sopcom, the Portuguese Association for the Communication Sciences, and edited by the CECS. According to the editors Helena Pires (CECS – University of Minho) and Francisco Mesquita (Fernando Pessoa University), this publication intends to “gather contributions from academics and non-academics which enphasize the role of advertisement in the cities, where multiple identities and communicative processes are entangled in our daily routines”.

Proposals should be adressed to the editors ( and follow the CECS Publication Guide.

The full version of the call for papers is available here.