Cycle of open classes in Sociology

A cycle of open classes in Sociology takes place between the 17th and 19th of December, always starting at 6 pm, coordinated by José Pinheiro Neves. “Tools for nonconformist ‘precarious’ in times of catastrophe. Participatory research-intervention. Practical cases” is the topic addressed.

The first class, with the participation of Paula Mascarenhas (CECS) and Pedro Costa (CECS), is dedicated to the sub-theme “Developing a diagnostic survey using ‘precarious’ resources”.

“Experiences of participatory research-intervention” is the title of the class on the 18th, which will be taught by Helena Silva (Project + QUAL AGE), Ângelo Lopes (Casa Bô) and Ângela Oliveira (Casa do Sol).

The last day of the cycle of open classes is dedicated to the theme “The autobiographical method. Self-diagnosis for research-intervention” and will feature Jacinto Rodrigues (University of Porto).

The sessions will take place via Zoom.