Series of talks in the square: “Not everything in the net is fish”

On May 25th, at 2.30 pm, in the Sala-Gallery of Braga Municipal Market, the Series of Conferences in the Square returns. “Not everything that comes to the net is fish” is the theme of this new round of conversations that begins with the participation of Manuela Vaz Velho (IPVC), José Miquelino (former fisherman), Francisco Loureiro (former fisherman), Alberto Paquete (former fisherman) and José Felgueiras (Fishermen’s Association). The session will be moderated by Teresa Mora (ICS/UMinho).

A market is a place of exchange. We exchange material goods, but we also exchange words, smiles, stories, knowledge, memories and affections. Under the motto What have the vendors of the square to teach us and show us? the Passeio team has been recording the particularities of these exchanges, in close collaboration with all those involved. These records included a collection of verses and rhymes, alluding to fruit and vegetables, among the women and men vendors of the square.

[Posted: 13-05-2022]