Seminar Cycle “Society, Temporalities and Power: Global Views. Beyond the Pandemic Covid 19”

On May 6, at 5pm, another session of the Cycle of Seminars 2021 “Society, Temporalities and Power: Global Looks. Beyond the Covid 19 Pandemic”. Rosa María Carneiro, from the University of Brasilia, will deliver the session “Generations of Brazilian women and maternity projects: temporalities in focus from the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The Covid-19 pandemic marks history and marks life in all spheres. It also marks science and the way of thinking about society, its challenges and potentialities. As in a system, the covid19 pandemic is and will be. Its effects will be reflected in the past and in the future. Some of the cardinal points that once brought together the interests of social theorists are once again emphasized with all intensity: among them, the relationship between structure and agency; change, permanence and time and, finally, iii) individual and society.
As in a time of revolution, structurally in crisis, societies and, in them, human actors, struggle to discern where to whom and to what adhere to; how to maintain confidence and continuity. The Social Sciences play a fundamental role in this search and identification of new ways of validating the institutions and the organic and social life of social subjects. Therefore, Social Sciences that can help identify and exorcise the remaining and emerging inequalities, as well as the explosions and ruptures that will follow the time of containment and protection, and registered in all dimensions of the social, in a digitalized, individualized and wounded society. In this sense, this cycle of seminars responds to three main objectives:

I. bring together a group of researchers dedicated to various issues that are of particular interest from a sociological point of view to post-pandemic time;
II. contribute to the strengthening of the debate on a transnational and, particularly, Ibero-American level;
III. to highlight the centrality of the concepts of power, domination and time to understand society and the wounds that the pandemic opens and the accidents it leads to.

It is a joint initiative between the University of Minho and the University of Guadalajara, in Mexico. Find out all the schedule until July here.

This cycle of online seminars (via the zoom platform) is aimed at the entire community.

[Posted: 19-01-2021 | Modified: 05-05-2021]