Five CECS researchers at the Transmedia Literacy International Conference

The CECS-Communication and Society Research Center will be represented at the conference that marks the end of the European project Transmedia Literacy, to be held between 22 and 24 March in Barcelona. Sara Pereira, the coordinator of the Portuguese team, will participate in the round table presenting the overall results, on March 23. The current director of the Department of Communication Sciences is still author, in partnership with the researchers of CECS Pedro Moura and Joana Fillol, of the communication “The informal meets the formal: Portuguese outcomes of the Transliteracy research project”. The research carried out in Portugal found the gap between the school and the informal learning strategies adopted by young people, despite the increasing their relevance in the daily life of adolescents.

One of the ten workshops to be held during the conference will be invigorated by Inês Amaral and Patrícia Silveira: on March 23, CECS researchers will address digital literacy and gender violence on the Internet. Participation in the workshops and the rest of the conference is free, although limited to available seats. Interested parties can register on the event website at