CLICTOUR: a new CECS research project

CLICTOUR – Climate change resilient tourism in protected areas of Northern Portugal is the name of the new research project of the Communication and Society Research Centre, in partnership with NIPE – Centre for Research in Economics and Management. Coordinated by Rita Sousa (NIPE) and António Vieira (CECS), the project was approved within the framework of the Structured Projects for R&D&I, of the North 2020 Program.

The competition in question sought to continue strengthening regional capacities for scientific research, technological development and innovation, supporting the accumulation of relevant scientific skills in key areas for the implementation of the regional strategy of intelligent specialization. With this assumption, only Structured R&D&I Projects have supported that fit into at least one of the priority areas of the regional smart specialization strategy.

With a financing of 545 thousand euros, the project also includes the participation of António Bento-GonçalvesMaria José Caldeira and Ana Melo, all CECS researchers.

[Posted: 31-03-2021]