Holy Maria Figure and Polish Catholic Church, key topics in this morning’s Sociology of Religion Seminar

Rodrigo Portella (University Federal de Juiz de Fora – Brazil) and Zbigniew Kazmierczak (University of Bialystok – Poland) were the keynote speakers of the Sociology of Religion Seminar held this morning, 26th June 2017, in the Social Sciences Institute of the University of Minho.

Portella presented the communication “The iconography of Holy Maria throughout the history”, a subject that is part of his Post-Doc, supervised by Joaquim Costa (CECS – University of Minho). He considered that History has been the responsible of changing the social meanings of the Holy Maria, as Religion changed the way of representation of such figure, from side-by-side with women to another social perspective.

Zbigniew Kazmierczak presented the communication “Catholic Church in the Contemporary Polish Society”, thus considering that Polish Communism was severe to the Catholics in the country. Now, as 90% of the society claims to follow this religion, political parties have tried not to interfere in this subject.

Text: Vítor de Sousa
Translation: Fábio Ribeiro
Photo: Vítor de Sousa