New year begins for Master in Communication, Art and Culture

The opening session of the Master in Communication, Art and Culture took place on September 11 at 5:30 p.m.

With the participation of about two dozen students and guided by Helena Pires – director of the course -, the session sought to make known the study plan of the master’s degree, as well as gave space to each of the students to introduce themselves and explain to the students the motivations that led them to choose this course.

Coming from several areas of knowledge, the students of the Master’s degree in Communication, Art and Culture showed themselves expectant about the curricular units, giving special emphasis to the possibility of the research projects to cross with the professional experiences of each one.

Helena Pires, a CECS researcher, used the session to present some of her colleagues in the teaching of this masters: Rita Ribeiro, Zara Pinto-Coelho and José Gabriel Andrade.

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