“How to pierce the bubbles?” by Sylvia Moretzsohn

Sylvia Moretzsohn, a former journalist in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), is one of the current post-doctoral researchers and visiting researchers at CECS. In an interview, she presented her postdoctoral project, as well as advanced with some reflections on the current state of journalism. “From chaos, beliefs, bubbles and breaches” is the title of Sylvia’s research at CECS in which she seeks to understand “how to pierce the bubbles”, a study of the need and difficulties of journalism in the networking world.

Graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and master in Communication from the Fluminense Federal University, Sylvia Moretzsohn completed her doctorate in Social Work from UFRJ in 2006. For almost three decades she was a journalism teacher and recently retired.

Sylvia Moretzsohn is dedicated to the study of journalistic ethics and the relationship between ethics and the transformations and dilemmas of journalism in the context of new technologies, as well as research on the world of journalistic work and the links between journalism and everyday life.

[Posted: 01-25-2018]