Digital Skills and Media Education in the Network Society

This is the title of the next Permanent Seminar on Media Education, which will take place next Tuesday, April 10, and will be sponsored by three Spanish researchers: Carmen Marta Lazo, Full Professor of Journalism at the University of Zaragoza, Sara Osuna Acedo, Professor of Communication and Education at the National Distance Education University and Victoria Tur Viñes, Professor of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising at the University of Alicante.

This session of the Seminar will highlight the different areas of digital literacy and the most important competencies in Network Society. The speakers will present some examples of active learning techniques, based on Media Education processes, and will also carry out an “inter-methodological” practice based on transmedia content.

The seminar takes place, as usual, in the ICS Meeting Room.

FOTO: davitydave/Creative Commons