Communication and Society on Rescuing Participation

Volume 36 of Comunicação e Sociedade journal has just been launched, dedicated to the theme “Rescuing Participation”.

This volume of CECS journal was in charge of Fábio Ribeiro, Ana Duarte Melo & Nico Carpentier, who in the introductory note explain some relevant questions that guided this work: “Why is participation relevant? What is meant when the concept is used? How can we ensure that participation is used in a responsible way, and rendered meaningful in the different spaces of society?”

According to the editors “these may be the most important questions that motivated us, editors of this volume of Comunicação e Sociedade, to propose a discussion on the noteworthiness of participation, and to invite scholars from across the globe to present their perspectives on what a positive and meaningful approach towards participation means to them”.

[Posted: 20-12-2019]