“Popular, community and alternative communication. Resistance and the right to communication”, by Cicilia Krohling Peruzzo

The doctoral program Communication Studies: Technology, Culture and Society is the organizer of a lecture with Cicilia Krohling Peruzzo on “Popular, community and alternative communication. Resistance and the right to communication”. The session will take place on January 22 at 2:30 pm in the engineering auditorium.

According to the visiting professor of the Graduate Program in Social Communication of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, “from the context of the Brazilian reality in which inequalities are burning, the forms of counter-communication will be discussed conventional means of communication that have been developed by social movements since the last decades of the last century”.

The session will also present “aspects of the change of view on the notions of the right to communication, as well as the intersection between the exercise of this right and the expansion of communicational citizenship”.

Cicilia Krohling Peruzzo is especially dedicated to the study of popular, alternative and community communication in regional and local media, as well as its role in the process of expanding the exercise of citizenship. She also investigates Public Relations topics related to the changes in capitalism and its insertion in the third sector. Permanent lecturer at the Postgraduate Program in Communication at Anhembi Morumbi University, Cicilia Peruzzo also develops university extension activities. Coordinates the Community and Local Communication Studies Center (COMUNI) and the Communication and Citizenship WG of the Brazilian Association of Postgraduate Programs in Communication (Compós).

After the session, an informal meeting will be held to discuss projects and research interests with Professor Cicilia Peruzzo.

[Posted: 03-01-2020]