Recruitment for one doctoral position

Recruitment for one doctoral position in Communication Sciences – Sound Studies International selection tender is open until 9th January 2019

Project: AUDIRE – Audio Repository: saving sonic based memories

Place of work: Communication and Society Research Centre – University of Minho (Portugal)

AUDIRE is a research project funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. It aims to create social awareness on the relevance of sound as a form of expression and to explore the innovative and creative potential of sound narratives. The working plan is organised into five main objectives:

a) to develop a theory of sound as an essential support for human expression and as a source of knowledge;
b) to understand how people recognise and value the acoustic environments;
c) to construct a repository of open access sound contents;
d) to create a virtual sound museum which can contribute to stimulate the creativity of emerging artists and at the same time preserve a kind of sound heritage, and
e) to promote sound literacy based on a proposal of pedagogical activities.

The research team is now recruiting a new researcher.
Candidates should fit the following main requirements:
1) to hold PhD in Communication Sciences;
2) to be proficient in Portuguese and English;
3) to present a portfolio of relevant works of technique and/or artistic production in the sound effect area.

More information here.

[Posted: 26-12-2019]