Ulrike Felt delivers keynote in the upcoming 3rd Conference “Paths in the Knowledge Sociology, Science and Technology in Portugal”

On 7th September 2017, 2:15 pm, in Sala de Atos of the Social Sciences Institute of the University of Minho, in Braga, Ulrike Felt will deliver her keynote “Academic line-ups: On life-lines, time-lines and trajectories towards the future”. Felt is a Lecturer in the University of Wien and President of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST). The event is part of the 3rd Conference “Paths in the Knowledge Sociology, Science and Technology in Portugal“, from the 7th to 8th September 2017 in the University of Minho, organised by CECS APS and INL.

PhD in Theoretical Physics, Ulrike Felt é President of the Social Sciences Faculty of the University of Wien (Austria). Her research is focused in the science social studies, the importance of public participation in science and the relevance of political strategies for science.

In present times, where universities are constantly renewing their policies, in economic terms and pressured by the digital ways of working, Ulrike Felt will be presenting how it is possible to construct an academic career, how to manage time and dealing with technology.

This years’ conference is organised by CECS and the Working Group “Knowledge, Science and Technology” within the Portuguese Sociology Association (APS), as well as the INL.

Attending to the conference is free.

The full programme of the conference is available here.