Guimarães 2022 Municipal Culture Conference will have collaborative community participation

In the context of the project “Culture Dynamics of Guimarães ten years after the ECOC’12: contributions for the elaboration of the Municipal Strategic Plan Culture of Guimarães 2032”, the “Municipal Conference Culture Guimarães 2022” will take place on October 15, at Teatro Jordão, in Guimarães.

Coordinated by PolObs researcher Manuel Gama, the event aims to listen to the people of Guimarães about the municipal cultural dynamics, raise the community’s awareness about the importance of the participatory process for the elaboration of the Municipal Strategic Plan of Culture 2032 and collect data in the scope of phase 1 of the project.

There will be working sessions between 9h15 and 17h with the registered participants and a plenary session between 17h30 and 19h30, an occasion when the results of the working groups will be presented and discussed. The Councillor for Culture, Paulo Lopes Silva, will attend in this session.

Those interested in participating can register in the groups:

– GT1 Municipal cultural policies in the last decade
– GT2 Guimarães: World Heritage and European Capital of Culture
– GT3 Cultural Mediation and Cultural Publics
– GT4 Municipal cultural policies for the next decade

The registration link isção_CMC_Guimaraes2022

[Posted: 12-10-2022]