Conference “Dressing the naked. Censorship and destruction of art”, with Albertino Gonçalves

On the next February 18, at 5 pm, at Museu de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa Archaeological Museum, Albertino Gonçalves will give a lecture on “Dressing the naked. Censorship and destruction of art”.

The number of works of art that have disappeared throughout history is staggering. The survivors are only a sample, and not a representative one at that: the vulnerability, the exposure to inclemency, is very variable. Neglect and censorship are selective. This absence and this disparity challenge Art History, resigned to contemplating only a part of human creativity, the accessible one, at best, of which there is news. The conference, a panoramic mosaic illustrated with cases, examples and images, brings together some of the most paradigmatic and emblematic agencies, dynamics and rationalities, sometimes notorious and institutional, sometimes discreet and banal.

The conference will be followed by a round table discussion on “Censorship today”. Although no individual presentations are planned, Eduardo Pires de Oliveira, Henrique Barreto Nunes, Isabel Macedo, Jean-Martin Rabot, Manuel Pinto, Maria José Casanova and Moisés de Lemos Martins will be present, among others.

A propensity for self-image as an exception is often insinuated. Censorship would be characteristic of other cultures and other eras. The slightest contact with reality belies this illusion. The persistence of censorship in the most diverse worlds and means of communication and expression justifies the dedication of a round table to it.

[Posted: 08-02-2023]