International Congress on “European Mediation Degree: a new training model for mediators”

The University of Minho hosts the International Congress “European Degree in Mediation: a new training model for mediators”, organised under the European Project LIMEdiat, in partnership with the Communication and Society Research Centre. This event will be held at the Auditório Multimédia of the Institute of Education of the University of Minho on May 18 and 19.

The II LIMEdiat Transnational Seminar and III International Congress of Social Mediation focus on the quality of Mediation and the training of Mediators in the European context.

Over two days, speakers and participants from various countries will come together to share experiences and reflect on the training of mediators based on national and institutional specifics. Among the guest speakers, this congress welcomes representatives from the Council of the European Union, Justice and Home Affairs; the Advisory Office of Labour, Vocational Training, Cooperation and Social Security of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy); the Ministry of Justice, the Directorate General of Justice Policy and the National Federation of Conflict Mediation (Portugal); as well as researchers and academics from several European higher education institutions (CNAM, University of Cagliari, University of Murcia, University of Minho) and the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, France).

With registrations open until April 30 May 9, the Congress includes simultaneous translation in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

The full programme is available on the Congress website.

[Posted: 21-04-2022]