CreateLab invites academic reflection on Communication

‘Light, Thought, Reflection’. This is the motto of the mobilisation campaign initiated by CreateLab, the CECS Innovation and Experimentation agency.

CreateLab is once again inviting all researchers with an interest in critical analysis (within the scope of their line of research) and/or communication phenomena to take part in its blog.

The CreateLab blog stands as proof that you don’t need creativity to join this unit: you just need critical thinking and a penchant for reflection. These attributes can find application in various areas such as Strategic Communication, Digital Strategy and/or Communication, Advertising, Press Relations/Media Relations, or other areas of Public Relations, Audiovisual, and Multimedia.

Anyone wishing to engage in this experience can reach out to CreateLab to obtain more information about the specified structure (ranging from 700 to 1000 words), suggested topics and scheduling.

[Posted: 11-12-2023]