Creation of the Permanent Seminar “Science with and for Society”

CECS has just created a new Permanent Seminar about “Science with and for Society”. The seminar aims to constitute a space for reflection and critical debate on the various all of the interaction between science and technology with society. Starting from a perspective anchored in the traditions of social studies of science and technology, a cycle of seminars will function as an interdisciplinary meeting point for researchers dedicated to research on themes that intersect with the modes of production and use, and legitimation of the science and technology in its multiple contexts.

The social studies of science define a wide range of investigations centered on the analysis of interaction forms and interdependence between science, technology and society. Together with the field of science communication, they cross pertinent themes as the scientific culture, perception and participation in science, gender and science issues, temporalities and the challenges posed to citizenship in democratic societies.

In today’s societies, the study of the relations of science with and for society is of crucial importance in the face of the various contradictions and challenges that the techno-scientific evolution triggers, in several planes, among them health, environment, education and equity. These researches provide important insights into how making and applying science entails important societal, ethical and political consequences. In this context, they have initiated recommendations on public policy and intervention, particularly as regards the formulation of sustainable development options and guidelines for technological innovation based on the principles of accountability, transparency and trust.

The permanent seminar represents the gathering of several synergies created over the last few years in CECS around research on science and society. In addition to the co-coordination of the II conference of the Thematic Section on Sociology of Knowledge, Science and Society of the Portuguese Association of Sociology, held in Braga, in September 2017, in which several panels were promoted. problems of technoscience in today’s societies, the contribution of the Nucleus of Studies in Communication, Science and Environment (NECCA), constituted in 2015, and the EXCHANGE project stands out in the framework of the CECS.

The seminar will count on the regular participation of invited researchers, both national and foreign, as its purpose is to stimulate networks of researchers that deal with science, technology and society. Having as a goal the promotion of knowledge transfer, the seminar proposes the promotion of actions in partnership with local entities and actors, the promotion of culture and participation in science.

The seminars have a monthly regularity and are publicized from the page of the Center for Studies in Communication and Society.