Crime, race and suspicion: Phenotypic inference technology in criminal investigation in Europe

The book Crime, race and suspicion: the technology of phenotypic inference in criminal investigation in Europe, by Filipa Queirós, is already available online.

Phenotyping, the technology understudy in this sociological work, allows the physical appearance and biogeographical ancestry of potential suspects to be inferred from DNA. Exploring the perspectives and technological futures projected by professionals from different fields, based in five European countries, this work analyses the controversies, the expectations and the role they occupy in the development and application of this technology in Europe.

Revealing the existence of collective expectations that point to the promising character of the future of phenotypic inference in criminal investigation, this book discusses the role of science in (re)constructing collective forms of criminal suspicion, increasing the exposure of certain population groups to control actions, state surveillance, discrimination and social stigmatization.

[Posted: 29-07-2021]