‘Short Films’ produced by Communication Science students exhibited at Braga White Night

As part of the “Braga White Night 2019”, a selection of audiovisual works created in 2018 and 2019 will be available to students of Communication Sciences from the University of Minho, in conjunction with the Communication and Society Research Centre. The STOP/PLAY will be held at Casa dos Crivos until Sunday, September 8th.

The works are organized in a continuous sequence (the total duration is about 40 minutes) that presents us, at once, universes of emotion, wonder, humor and fragility.

The ‘shorts’ displayed are as follows:
1. Fish Daughter Can Swim, by Catarina Zeferino (2019)
2. Juliette, by Gabriela Ferreira and Mario de Almeida (2018)
3. Misconception of me, by Maria Alves (2019)
4. RGPD [Triptych], by Cristiano Maciel (2019)
5. Arbitration Course, by Anabela Castro (2019)
6. Time, by Filipe Amorim, Jorge Sousa, Manuel Gil and Rafael Lopes (2019)
7. Start Getting Bothered, by Rafaela Gomes and Sofia Sumavielle (2019)
8. Sleep Debt, by Sara Cunha (2019)

[Posted: 06-09-2019]