Communitas debate. Communicating in tragedy: 20 years of Entre-os-Rios

On March 4, we mark the 20-year passage about the Entre-os-Rios tragedy. The fall of the Hintze Ribeiro bridge, the death of 59 people and the political, social and economic implications represented an unprecedented challenge in terms of strategic communication and also for national journalism (already reconfigured with the presence of regional and local radio stations and with the arrival of two new television channels).

To remember much of what happened around the event but also to discuss the way Communication in times of tragedy has evolved over the past two decades, the Communitas – CECS think tank – holds a debate on 6 March at 6 pm online with the presence of Magda Rocha (RTP), one of the first journalists to arrive at the site, Manuel Pinto, a researcher at CECS, and Vasco Ribeiro, professor of Strategic Communication at the University of Porto.

The conversation will be broadcast live on the Communitas Facebook page or through Zoom.

[Posted: 26-02-2021]