Communitas Debate: “Brazil does not know Brasil

The last few years in Brazilian political life have shown a country divided and radicalized in its opinions. A debate that extends from politics to the religious field. First and foremost, this issue pits two Brazils against each other and prompts the question of whether these two sides really know each other.

Based on this observation, Communitas is organizing, on November 10, a debate open to the community. The title of the conversation – “Brazil doesn’t know Brazil” – is taken from a line of the song Querelas do Brasil, immortalized in the voice of Elis Regina.

The debate will be attended by José Gabriel Andrade, professor and researcher at CECS/ICS from the University of Minho; Sylvia Moretzsohn, a retired professor from the Universidade Federal Fluminense and Elton Pinheiro, professor and researcher from the University of Brasília. The event takes place in the Sala de Atos, of the Institute of Social Sciences from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Admission is free.

[Posted: 04-11-2022]