Communitas Debate: What do we mean when we talk about tolerance?

Debating tolerance can be challenging, partly because of the implications of the word itself and the complexity of approaches that may be brought to the discussion. However, it is a pressing and relevant topic.

On 16 November, UNESCO celebrates the International Day of Tolerance, and Communitas seizes the opportunity to promote a dialogue with Armando Osório, President of the Portuguese Red Cross – Braga Delegation, and Professors Maria José Casa-Nova (CIEd) and Rosa Cabecinhas (CECS). The debate will be moderated by Luís António Santos, CECS researcher and professor at the Department of Communication Sciences of the Institute of Social Sciences.

The session will be on 16 November at 5.30 pm, at the ICS Hall of Acts (UMinho). For approximately one hour, the talk will be open to everyone’s participation.

[Posted: 12-11-2021 | Modified: 3-11-2021]