Communitas Debate: Digital Lives

In a world where the border between what happens online and offline is increasingly blurred, it is possible to ask whether it still makes sense to point out a dichotomy between an offline, real-life and a digital, online life. Understanding how lives are increasingly managed by algorithms, which work in an almost obscure way, and how privacy is used as a currency of exchange becomes an essential competence.

That is why, on 20 May, Communitas is organising a talk entitled Digital Lives that seeks to raise these and other questions. The conversation will feature Alípio Jorge, professor of Computer Science at the University of Porto; Nádia Sepúlveda, a doctor and digital influencer; and Sara Matos, a sociologist specialising in privacy issues. The event takes place at the Lúcio Craveiro da Silva Library, starting at 18h30, and lasts for one hour.

Admission is free.

[Posted: 16-05-2022]