Challenges of press freedom 200 years after the first Portuguese law

The Permanent Seminar on Communication and Culture Policies, on 27 July, at 4 pm, will be dedicated to the 200 years of freedom of the press in Portuguese law. Joaquim Fidalgo, a researcher at CECS and POLObs, will be the keynote speaker.

Freedom of the press is crucial for journalism, but it is also a challenge for all citizens. When the right to publish has expanded far beyond the media, the associated responsibilities are not exclusive to journalists. In this POLObs Seminar, we will explore the innovative character that the press law of 1821 may have had and the new challenges to the freedom to publish without censorship in a global communication landscape.

As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the promulgation of the first Portuguese Press Law, we propose a debate on the social relevance of this law, the new forms of censorship and the relationship between freedom of the press and freedom of expression and citizenship.

Joaquim Fidalgo completed his PhD in Communication Sciences (specialising in Journalism) from the University of Minho in 2007. He was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Sciences at the University of Minho. He has taught Journalism and Research Methodologies.
He researches journalists’ professional identity, Journalism Ethics, New Media and Media Regulation. He has participated in international projects such as MDM (Media for Democracy Monitor), INDIREG (Indicators for the independence of audiovisual media services regulatory bodies and Independent Study on Indicators for Media Pluralism in the EU Member States). He is a member of IAMCR, ECREA and Sopcom.

The event will be online via Zoom.

[Posted: 22-07-2021]