World Day of Portuguese Language celebrated with the launch of a new collection at the Virtual Museum of Lusophony

This collection, divided in three parts, results from the project developed by Paulo Munhoz (Federal University of Santa Maria (RS) and researcher of the Online Journalism Research Group (Gjol) of the Federal University of Bahia).

The project is a visual clipping of the Santo António Além do Carmo neighbourhood, in the city of Salvador (Bahia), from three dimensions: daily life, memory and faith.

According to Professor Paulo Munhoz, one of the motivations that led him to create this project was the concern regarding the political-strategic use of the historical and cultural heritage (namely, the historical centres) as an instrument to attract new investments. Hence the need arose to create this proposal, which, in the words of Professor Paulo Munhoz, had to do with “the visual preservation of the memory and the historical archive of characters who played a leading role in the daily life of the Santo Antônio Além do Carmo community”.

The visual archive and the texts that integrate the collection were made available by professor Paulo Munhoz to the Virtual Museum of Lusophony, in order to integrate a collection on the Google Arts & Culture platform.

[Posted: 05-05-2021]