World Radio Day: Professionals debate present and future of radio

There are three voices known to Portuguese radio. They have an effective connection to this environment, which they do not see as any place of work. Ana Galvão, from Rádio Renascença, Rita Colaço, from Antena 1, and Luís Oliveira, from Antena 3, are invited to mark World Radio Day, in an online conversation about how radio has evolved and innovated, continuing to be essentially a means of connection.

“Where are you going, radio friend?” This is the question that will challenge, next Saturday, the 13th, from 6 pm, the three professionals to reflect on the present and the future of the radio.

The initiative is from the Audire project team: saving sound memories, in partnership with the Communitas think tank, which will broadcast the Zoom session through Facebook.

[Posted: 08-02-2020]