Comunicação e Sociedade on “Children, youth and media: current perspectives”

Volume 37 of the journal Comunicação e Sociedade has just been launched, dedicated to the theme “Children, youth and media: current perspectives“.

This volume of the CECS journal was in charge of Sara Pereira, Cristina Ponte and Nelly Elias, who in the introductory note mention that “over the past two decades, there has been a surge in research about the relationship between children, young people and the media, in terms of the number of studies produced, topics addressed and methodologies used”. For this reason, “Due to its multidisciplinary nature, this area has affirmed its position in the field of Communication Sciences and has marked the scientific agenda and inspired public debate about the impact of the media on the lives of children and young people and how they use and appropriate information and produce media content”.

Editors also remember that “at the time that this journal is being prepared and launched, the world is confronting the Covid-19 pandemic that has obliged people to spend weeks confined in their own homes. For many people, digital screens have been their main windows on the world. It is highly probable that children and families have spent yet more time in front of screens – to entertain themselves, talk to family and friends, from whom they are now distanced, and conduct their school activities, now provided via digital devices and in some countries, such as Portugal, also via television. Suddenly, awareness of digital inequalities has been revived, in terms of basic questions of access”. So, “the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic has stimulated new avenues for research, in line with previous studies, while certain topics – such as social uses and parental mediation – have become even more relevant”.

[Posted: 29-06-2020]