Available new ebook on “Appropriations and uses of ruins and empty spaces. Experiences in Guimarães and Vizela”

The new CECS ebook on “Appropriations and Uses of Ruins and Empty Spaces. Experiences in Guimarães and Vizela” is available in open access.

By João Sarmento and Rui Pereira, “this publication brings together the work done between 2016 and 2019 in 8 ruins and empty spaces located in the cities of Guimarães and Vizela”.

“As part of the NoVOID project, this study sought to understand the socio-cultural meanings of abandoned urban spaces, their social life (appropriations and uses) and their material and symbolic transformation (reframing) through the various performances they support and are part of. It provides the opportunity to spin the work done and build a file for future memory about temporary disruptions within continually metamorphosed cities”, write the authors.

[Posted: 23-07-2019]