Available new issue of Revista Lusófona de Estudos Culturais

The Revista Lusófona de Estudos Culturais (RLEC) on “Discourses and Images of Cultural Tourism”, edited by Zara Pinto-Coelho and Roque Pinto, is available in free access.

According to the editors, “with the organization of this issue of the Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies, dedicated to tourism that is defined as cultural, we intend to emphasize the relevance of researching the theme in Portuguese-speaking contexts – and in other contexts marginalized by the traditional hegemony of Anglo-Saxon literature”.

“Anchored in precepts of openness and fluidity, that is, situated in the world and always linked to critical questions about the relationship between culture and power “, reads the introductory note.

The number is available here.

[Posted 21-12-2018]