Available online the “Introduction to Audience Studies” ebook

The ebook Introdução aos estudos de audiência by CECS researcher Pedro Portela is available online.

In the book, which is in the CECS Pedagogy collection, the author seeks to “make clear the evolution of the concept of audience, whose understanding has oscillated between the vision of a fragile and passive aggregate and the image of an active and multiform body, that its members are able to make choices autonomously, though not always making conscious choices”.

According to Sara Pereira, CECS researcher and author of the preface, “the manual we have ahead will be a reference for Communication Science students. Here, you can find an excellent base of study that will help you understand the complexity of the audience(s), the importance of audiences for the field of communication and the media, and the main research traditions of this Communication Sciences subarea”.

[Posted: 11-10-2019]