The diversity of required skills means changing the functioning of schools

The development of digital skills was the focus of the April edition of the Permanent Seminar on Media Education. At the meeting, which was stimulated by the researchers Carmen Marta Lazo, Sara Osuna Acedo and Victoria Tur Viñes, it was highlighted the impact that teaching by competencies with an emphasis on the learning and co-creation processes can have in a complete development of the young people.

According to researchers from three Spanish universities, skills, particularly digital ones, are now at the heart of the European Union’s policies. The development of a Common European Framework similar to that in languages ​​- DigComp 2.1 – was one of the projects highlighted by the invited guests.

Carmen Marta Lazo is a professor at the University of Zaragoza, Sara Osuna Acedo is a professor at the National University of Distance Education and Victoria Tur Viñes is a professor at the University of Alicante.