Documentary “Moçambique. Sonhos Lúcidos” in debate at the Nogueira da Silva Museum

The debate on the documentary Moçambique. Sonhos Lúcidos, by João Campos and Fernando Almeida, will take place on November 23, at 4 pm, at the Nogueira da Silva Museum.

In an documentary’s analysis, CECS researchers Rosa Cabecinhas and Sheila Khan will discuss the Mozambican present through the dynamics of its contemporary History and Memory.

Rosa Cabecinhas is director of the Doctoral Program in Cultural Studies at the University of Minho. She is a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences at the Institute of Social Sciences and a researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre. Her doctoral dissertation, entitled “Racism and Ethnicity in Portugal: A Psychosociological Analysis of the Homogenization of Minorities”, was awarded by the High Commissioner for Immigration and Ethnic Minorities. Her main research interests combine the areas of intercultural communication, social memory, social representations, social identities and social discrimination. His works include the following books: “Black and White: The Naturalization of Racial Discrimination” (2017, 2nd Edition) and, in co-authorship, “Intercultural Communication: Perspectives, Dilemmas and Challenges” (2017, 2nd Edition). edition).

Sheila Khan is a sociologist, currently a researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre, University of Minho. PhD in Ethnic and Cultural Studies from the University of Warwick, in her academic career, she has focused her attention on postcolonial studies, with special focus on relations between Mozambique and Portugal, including the issue of Mozambican immigrants in Portugal. The themes she has worked on include contemporary Mozambican and Portuguese history and literature, life and identity narratives from the global South, memory and post-memory authorities. Noteworthy are his recent books, “Portugal with Colored Pencils: A South of a Postcoloniality” (Almedina, 2015); “Visits to João Paulo Borges Coelho: readings, dialogues and futures” (et al., 2017, Colibri); Mozambique on the Move: Challenges and Reflections (with Paula Meneses and Bjorn Bertelsen, Brill, 2018). She is currently a PhD researcher of the project funded by the European Research Council, EXCHANGE and member of the FCT / Aga Khan project research team on intercultural relations between Mozambique and Portugal.

[Posted: 10-10-2019]