Open classe with Miguel de Barros

On October 18,will be held an open classe under the doctoral program in Cultural Studies with Miguel de Barros.

At 17:00, in ICS, Miguel de Barros will present a paper on “Cultural dynamics and activism”.

Miguel de Barros is a Guinean sociologist, graduated in sociology from the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, where he also specialized in planning. He worked in agencies such as the Guinea-Bissau National Institute of Studies and Research and the Center for Transdisciplinary Studies in Communication and Awareness at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He is a member of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa. His research addresses topics such as youth, volunteering, civil society, the media, human rights, food security, human migration, literature and rap. He was elected by the West African Youth Confederation (CWAY) as the most influential personality of the year 2018. He also received the Pan African Humanitarian Award for Excellence in Research and Social Impact.

[Posted: 11-10-2019 | Modified: 18-10-2019]