“In Spain there is no interdisciplinary in the Communication Sciences. It is difficult for them to be extended to other knowledge areas”

Researcher Maria Josefa Formoso, Lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of La Coruña (Spain), is carrying out a post-doctoral research period under the subject of the project “Complexity in television on the Internet. Comparison between broadcast formats on internet television from the focus of the Communication Sciences as Applied Sciences”. The research is supervised by Moisés Martins.

What is the purpose of your research work at CECS?

This project intends to analyse the complexity of TV formats in the Internet, using methodologies of the Social Sciences scope.

What kind of differences can be found in the way the Communication Sciences are developed in Portugal and Spain?

In Spain, the Communication Sciences are not interdisciplinary. It is difficult for them to be extended to other knowledge areas.

Why did you choose CECS to develop your work?
The international credibility of CECS, which includes multidisciplinary activities around the area of communication, is a very positive aspect.

How important are these experiences for your career as a researcher?
It is crucial the observation of how communication is studied from other cultural perspectives.


Author (text & photo): Fábio Ribeiro