Emmanuel Nassar: 81-18, a video-visit

The mini-documentary “Emmanuel Nassar: 81-18, a videovisit“, directed by Lurdes Macedo, CECS researcher, addresses the life and work of Emmanuel Nassar (Belém do Pará, 1949), one of the most renowned Brazilian plastic artists.

“Emmanuel Nassar: 81 – 18”, open to the public from April 14 to July 2, 2018, at the São Paulo Pinacoteca Station, was to date the largest and most comprehensive retrospective show of the artist’s career. Curated by Pedro Nery, “Emmanuel Nassar: 81-18” had almost one hundred works on display, some belonging to the collection of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo and, the vast majority, to institutional and private collectors.

On the occasion of her visit to São Paulo in June 2018, and with the support of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, the director asked the artist to guide her through the exhibition while sharing his life and work with her. That led to the mini-documentary. “Emmanuel Nassar: 81 – 18, a video visit” is a co-production of CECS and Mackenzie University of São Paulo, the latter having provided the human, technical and logistics resources to shoot the film.

In 2020, within the scope of the Summer School on Communication and Culture for Development, held by the CECS and coordinated by Lurdes Macedo, it was possible to move on to the second stage in the production of this mini-documentary, edited by students Margarida Andresen and Beatriz Araújo.

[Posted: 09-08-2021]